Huge Upload Module

The Huge Upload module integrates with the native WordPress file uploader and modifies it, so that it will upload every file in chunks. Each chunk is at most 1.9 MB large, allowing you to upload files of any size – regardless of your PHP.ini or .htaccess configuration.


Upload Size Limit

The default upload size limit is 100 MB. You can change this by defining the WPAWESOME_UPLOAD_LIMIT constant like this:

define( 'WPAWESOME_UPLOAD_LIMIT', '100000kb' ); // 150 MB

Important!  While WP Awesome makes this size limit the default – the size can be altered by modules by using the native WordPress filter ‘upload_size_limit’. For instance, WordPress Multi Site does this – meaning that even though your sites will use chunked uploads, the upload size limit still follows your site specific configurations.

Chunk Size

The default chunk size is 1900 KB. You can change this by defining the WPAWESOME_HUGE_UPLOAD_CHUNK_SIZE constant like this:

define( 'WPAWESOME_HUGE_UPLOAD_CHUNK_SIZE', '10000kb' );

Important! You must take care not to configure this chunk size above the limit set by your php.ini file.